Standing Committees

The Arts Chairman: Mary Lennon

Promotes interest, educational opportunities recognition, and competition in the field (ie. – Arts contests, music and art awards, theatre groups, bridge group, book reviews and workshops.

Cheer:  Judy Koch

Responsible for all correspondence (ie. Get Well, Sympathy, Congratulation)


Shall promote club activities through appropriate media and keep records of all publicity; ie. yearbook, newsletter, pressbook, publicity, historian and telephone committee.

Newsletter:    Chris Reynolds

Yearbook:      Josephine Mokriski
Website:  Denice MCGregor
Photography: Barbara DeRosa

Historian:      Barbara Birnie

Shall assemble and preserve a record of the activities and achievements of the club and act as custodian of records and other material pertinent to the history of the club.

Community Improvement Project (C.I.P.): All Club

Shall be responsible for choosing a two-year project subject to General Membership approval and coordinating supporting activities.  All members serve on this committee.

Conservation: Anne Edwards

Shall promote through education and participation and interest in gardgening, the preservation of our natural resources; ie. historical preservation and environmental action.

Education: Scholarship Trust   


Promote and support primary and higher education; e.g.,

annual scholarships and awards.

Homelife: Katherine DeBurra, Berit Manna, Karin Casey, Margaret Hopkins
Margaret Leucke

Promote interest and information on health, babysitting 
seminar, and community baskets.


Coordinates hostesses, decorations and refreshments for general meetings and annual dinner.

Membership:  Margaret Hopkins

Greets members, records attendance, recruits and presents new members.

Public Affairs: 


Promotes action in community, civic projects, Veterans affairs.

Social Coordinators:  


Organizes Social Outings for Club members. 

Veteran Coordinator: Dee Mulqueen

Helps raise awareness of our Veterans. Supports their needs by collecting socks, tshirts, and other items that can make their life more comfortable. Helps Veteran families over the holidays.

Ways and Means:                      

Kathy DeBurra and Pat Thal

Raises money for Club projects.

 Social Club’s

Knitting: Barbara De Rosa,
Book Clubs: (Day) Eleanor Watt  and (Evening) Mary Davis

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